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Your Favorite Teachers

Our teachers opened our up young minds, 
showing us the wonders of the intellect and the miracles 

of being able to think for ourselves. 

Our teachers exercised the mental muscles of us students, 
stretching and strengthening, us
so we can make challenging decisions, 
and find our way in the world, and become independent. 

The best teachers cared enough to gently push and prod us 
to do our best and fulfill our potential. 

We, the alumni of Senn think that each any every one of you teachers that crossed our paths at Senn deserves a special
Thank you.

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{“Below are some written and video comments on how a teacher has left their everlasting impressions on us, which we carry through life”}. 

Sharon Sandler Surna Jeanne Reckitt, Helen Murtaugh. Mr. Schultz... something about that English department 

May 6 at 8:38am

Alice Fierstein Mr Salita.

May 6 at 9:49pm

Theresa Michalesko Hart Jeanne Reckitt, Rita Jung

May 6 at 9:40am

Lori Van Poucke Weiss Mr. Bulgarin

May 6 at 8:25am

Christina Junior Ms. Francin

May 6 at 8:10am 

Tony Mendoza Ms. Reckitt (Sophomore year English and Drama)

May 6 at 8:28am 

Mary L. Andre' Mr. Nelson (science)

May 6 at 9:05am

Larry Eisenberg Sgt. Ketzner 1963 R.O.T.C Teacher

May 6 at 9:06am 

Larry Cleek Mr. Rockel,,,,,without question,,,, great man,, was like a father to me,, increadible baseball coach,, Still see him, he's now living in Fl. we play golf a couple times a year.

May 6 at 9:08am

Mike Land Mr. O'Malley freshman biology, Mr. Streicher CWT

May 6 at 9:57am

Larry Cleek 1964-68, Mr. Striecher, Mr. Pasturski, and Mr.Rockel were all on the north end 3rd floor,,,,,,, A no mess around zone!!!!!!!!!!

May 6 at 10:01am

Mike Land Mr Pasturski was assistant principle in charge of discipline when I went there

May 6 at 10:07am

Larry Cleek He was always in charge of discipline!!, He is now also living in Fl.. Lou, Jack and Jim were always there for us at Senn. I can remember seeing them standing in their doorways waiting on us to get in b4 the bell........

May 6 at 10:12am

Mike Land He was a very good soccer coach from what I remember as well

May 6 at 10:13am

Larry Cleek There wasn't a soccer team at Senn when I was there.

May 6 at 10:14am

Mike Land prior to my go to Senn, they won several city championships

May 6 at 10:28am

Jacquie Smith Robert Goldman

May 6 at 12:16pm

FÁţįmă Ăśhî Ms . Schmiedl ...

May 6 at 12:18pm

Patti Hamilton-Szarnych Jack Striecher by far the best teacher I ever had.

May 6 at 12:34pm

Christina Anita Townsend Ms. Beemer

May 6 at 12:38pm

Tressa Downing Mrs. Small

May 6 at 3:30pm

Teddy Ruhmann Day Nell Divine Ferris

May 6 at 3:31pm · Unlike · 1

Jaime Garcia Mrs. Patton English and, Mr. Rockel!

May 6 at 4:52pm

Tammy Rowell Mr Vince Carter 

May 7 at 8:40am

Denise Egebrecht Mrs. Sailor, music

May 7 at 10:38am

Michelle Ray Ms. Givens! Love her to pieces! Class of 91!

May 7 at 10:43am

Kathy Wadington Any one remember Saia - English circ.1970???

May 7 at 12:00pm 

Rose LovinHim Hudson Mrs. Peck and Mr. Volchenbaum

May 8 at 6:55am

Darwin Cannady Mr Drury, Ms. Clayton, Ms. Fransen (my homeroom teacher )

May 6 at 9:34am · Like

Laura Lee Ms. Fransen, Mrs. Bean Ms. Pastilion too many not to appreciate! Now the guys Mr. Raquel, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. O'malley.

May 6 at 10:24am

Sue Costalis Mr. Richard Sachaj was the best ever!!!!!

May 6 at 10:45am

Bella E Samel High school was Mr. Gary Yamagiwa.

May 6 at 1:54pm

Rhonda Cannon Mrs bean

May 7 at 9:51am

Mary Torres González Mr Garces.

May 11 at 12:49am

Larry Cleek Mr. Rockel, Mr. Pasterski 64/68

May 14 at 6:05pm

Robin Emanuel Guttler Mrs. Nelson, Ms Bean, Ms Harris & Richard Sachaj of course was my favorite!

Rebecca Nemsick Colón Sooooo many! (c/o '99) Mr. Lindahl, Mr. Dean, Ms. Fransen, Mr. Templer, Mrs. Pols...

May 17 at 5:11pm

Annette S. Franklin Mrs. Peck and Mrs. White the music teacher

Yesterday at 7:04am

Karen Bergin Speciale Mr. Streicher and Mrs. Peck because they helped me finally graduate!

13 hours ago

Edmundo Morales favorite teacher Kathy Khoshaba.

7 hrs

Rosemary Hudson said:   April 26th, 2014 12:58 pm
Class of 1985- My favorite teachers were Mrs. Peck my gym teacher-lovely, funny and a beautiful personality. Thanks Mrs. Peck. My other teacher was Mr. Volchenbaum- also funny, nice and always reminded me a of a detective. Thanks Mr. volchenbaum.

Timothy M. Hughes said:   July 4th, 2013 11:39 am
Mrs. Clayton was the best. She provided the discipline I needed that I still carry with me today. She was my chorus teacher, but did more than that. She my mother away from home. She had a special rapport with my mother. Every time I screwed up, she was on the phone with my mother within minutes. I love her for everything she has done for me both mentally and emotionally. Thanks Mrs. Clayton!

Ok, so I have many.... JEFFERY KWIATKOWSKI (Senn Prep 7th-8th grade)...was the funniest teacher in America. He would let me get away with murder if he could. Awesome soul may he rest in peace. Mr Plonka,(sexiest teach in the world), was awesome as well. His looks alone made me join the Senn-Times newspaper, and I did. He was very open, honest and insightful. SGT Walker also let me rule the world of JROTC. He was a great man and any and everyone could talk to him about anything. Last but not least, Mr. Carrillo another great history teacher and now FB buddy.

Jazmin Brooks - 2003

Mine was Marty Lulich with Dorothy Duddy a close second, because they both went out of their way to help me open more doors for my future. He took me under his wing and she took me to places to show me what I could have.
Hugh Dismuke -1982

Mrs. Badillo, Mrs. Leggett was my favorite teachers. They were always there when I needed help- they gave me that extra push to keep me going forward!!! I will NEVER forget them... There should be more teachers like them... Memories!
Kaffa Morales -1988 

Mr. Walchack was my division teacher, and a really great guy! He married Miss Fishman, who was my algebra teacher. After I graduated they came to my wedding, and we became good social friends, hanging out together for several years. We were his first class, he taught biology, he was the first teacher I met who genuinely seemed to like teaching, and kids! Dorothy Duddy, what a wonderful art teacher she really encouraged me, and got me to become serious about my grades so that I could be an art major student! She was super!  Also making my list would be Mr. Schultz, Mr. Pasterski, and Mr. Liefer. Mr. Schultz (Language) believed in us, and respected his student, every day he greeted us as "scholars"...Mr. Pasterski (history) was a hard guy, with a soft side, he was the first man I ever saw, to cry, this on the announcement of JFK's assassination. Mr. Liefer (choir) was full of enthusiasm for his craft, and taught me to use the human instrument of voice to take me to a higher plane....what wonderful role models for an impressionable teenage boy...thank you gentlemen! 
Rick Lowy -1967

The best teacher EVER EVER EVER at Senn was Mr. Richard Sachaj (Sah-hi). As he himself said: "There is no high as high as Sachaj". I had him for Sophomore English, and also for English and Creative Writing my Senior year. I got to start my day with Mr. Sachaj, and then got another boost by having him again later in the day. He made learning and thinking extremely interesting and fun. No one was safe from his rapier wit. Example: Sachaj, to a student in class: I don't care if you lost your virginity Mr. _____, you are writing! Student: Yeah, well I didn't lose it to you. Sachaj, with his head held up haughtily: You should BE so lucky! Unfortunately, he passed away too soon. And it says something about a teacher when what seemed like the whole student body was at his wake paying their last respects, and big burly football players are standing there with tears running down their faces. I really miss him, even all these years later. There definitely was only one Sachaj. I'm very thankful that I got to experience him.
Sue Scheele Costalis -1980

Mr Sachaj! He taught Creative writing. He was a great teacher.  
Julie Carnithan -1982

Jack Streicher, loved him...taught history.  
Joyce Fields Abel  -1967

Mr. James Parker cool, calm, collective. I had him for wood shop and stage crew, we kind of put him thru allot of crap but he always stayed calm. Mr. Dentamaro for his quirky way with Physics. Also Mrs. Coltman for Chemistry. I can actually say I looked forward to those classes. 
Tom Dedmond -1979

My two favorites were Mrs. Clayton, and Mr. Streicher. I was in the chorus each year and loved it! And Mr. Streicher was just a great teacher, and really cared.  Both cared about you in and out of school.  
Wayne Hockett -1980

I was only there for only 1 year I think, her name was Ms. Petrie, and she taught English. She was young, pretty and so friendly. She helped an overweight, awkward 16 yr old feel good myself. Mr. Clausen was also my homeroom teacher. I remember how passionate he was about the Holocaust.  
Adrienne Barnhill Casey -1976

My Favorite Coaches of all times Ms. Brenda Harris and Mrs. Givens. I look up to both of these ladies, because they pushed me, they saw more in me then I saw in myself! Thanks ladies for the push! God Bless.  
Tanya Renee Cook 

I really liked Ms. Sadler...she was at Senn when I was a senior (1966) taught English. Shared my love of literature.  
Loni Griego 

Definitely Mr. Dentamaro - God rest his soul. He was a great physics teacher, so patient and so thorough in his explaining everything. Plus, he was a really nice human being.  
Peggy Zabicki 

I loved Miss Harris - I was her teachers Aide person.  OK, how about this one.  My father and I had the same math teacher Ms Levine. She retired after my Freshman year. 
Deb Freeman -1975 

I liked the following gym teachers: Mrs. Dentamaro, Mrs. Givens, Mr. Mitchell, & Mr. Kaufman for history.  
Rhonda Taylor 

I loved Richard Sachaj. He was what he was and didn't hide it but never brought his personal life into the school and never forced his personal way of living on any of the students. He was comical and very down to earth!  
Geraldine Robinson 

I liked, Robert Goldman. He would also talk allot about the Holocaust and how it affected us today, his everyday humor made it fun to go to his class and want to learn. I loved Miss Reckett our drama teacher too. She brought the best out of us and she blamed me for coughing on her pen which made her stay home a week from school, lol.  I really liked Mr. Martin. He had recommended me several times for several outside events when stage crew was needed and gave me the courage to follow my dreams. Miss Harris, my gymnastics coach & I was her aide as well. She was as tough as nails and stern on many of us, but for our own good. Mrs. Dentamarro was great too. She helped put the Honor Guard together back in the day. I also loved working with Miss. Fransen during the Orchesis shows as I did the lighting.
Ron Kesselring -1982 

Jack Streicher because he cared. We kept in touch for years after hs until he passed away. Mr. Kaufman he was always fun. R.I.P. both of them. 
Karen Williams -1982

John Creggett 

Wow, taking me back down memory lane. Mrs. Wimp was an original Diva. Mr. Sachaj was real. Miss Murtaugh was a sweetheart.
Yvette Scott -1977

My thanks to Mr. Zekelman and Mr. a very difficult time they reached out as adults and settled me down. They were two of the nicest people ever. Also Mr. Sachaj for making English interesting and Mr. Streicher for my senior year of history. 
Alan Rosenfield 

Me myself I would say Miss. Bean (gym teacher), Mr. Blade (detention, and frosh-sophomore football coach), Miss. Donaldson and must not forget Miss. Bright (general business), Mr. Khano (algebra), and oh yeah Mr. Greene (modern world history, and U.S. history). Oh the memories. 
Max MJ McCoy -1986 

1966- Mr. Henry Salita was my all-time favorite, he was the band teacher. If it wasn't for band I don't know if high school would have been so memorable. 2nd place - Miss. Mitzi Fischman, home room and math, who later married Mr. Walchak. She even came to my wedding and I still have the wedding present she gave me, 45 years ago. 
Frosene Bravos 

I liked Mr. Nielsen. He went on to be a counselor at the school and helped me too during my "wild" days”.
Brigitte Schwarzer Rodwell 

Mr. Glustoff, had him for 2 classes (Law & Applied Econ). THE best teacher there ever was. "mean while, back at the farm" (Mr. Hays should get an honorable mention, I can't watch the weather without thinking about Earth Science. 
Rebecca A Jutton -1986 

Miss. YOUNG, Mrs. PECK. They Stayed on me about my grades. 
G Blakeney V Mrgblack -1992 

Mr. Templer was my favorite gym teacher. 
Jeffrey Johnson -1995 

Ms. Reckitt who inspired a love for writing/journaling within me and Ms. Elston to took me love to create and make many different forms of art to a whole new level. Both of these teachers made me feel unique and special when many others made me feel like just a number being pushed through the system.  
Nicole K.S. Webb -1991 

I believe his name was Mr. Ryan- he didn't allow improper talking & he also had funny strange way of making you join him in conversation & when I would see him 10-15 years after school he still was the same. 
Onesaeed Oneblink

Mr. Roa was always there when you didn’t know what to do. He was good on giving advice. 
Ixno Boyzo -2008 

Mr. Carter Beaton, my AP trigonometry teacher in '71! He gave us confidence in being able to figure out math problems in a logical manner & celebrated our successes. 
Andreora Ashme 

Coach Kerrens had told you like it is, and didn't sugar coat a damn thing. 
Bobby McCorvey -2002 

Richard Sachaj. Incredibly smart, perpetually wise, yet related with his students as equals while challenging their intellects.  
Chris Field -1972 

My favorite teacher was Mr. Kaufman, in the history dept.  
Carlton Riley -1971 

Mr. Cable was a cool and fun art teacher. Always was there when you needed help and he was one of the most realist teachers.  
Jazmin Lovestakenrisks Valentin 

Miss King... I took her computer class four years in a row... Only to find out she left my senior year to teach a Currie High. 
Bobby McCorvey -2002 

 I got one: Sgt. Walker~ He was always on me about my grades, my health, he was also always on me about my attendance. He cared about my outside life too; I could always talk to him about anything and everything. Which meant alot to me that he was like a father more than a teacher, especially since my father died while I was going to school? Sgt. Walker had an open door policy for all his "kids" nothing was off limits, if you wanted to talk, he wanted to listen. 
Asha Lyne Harris -2004 

Then Miss. Nelson, now Dr. Nelson. She kicked my butt! I love her for that. She made me think. She was my first English professor. 
Darius Prewitt 

Mr. Brownstein taught math and was the wrestling coach, funny guy he was. "If I bought 8 ozs of mustache wax at $3.29 how much mustache wax could I buy with $20.00? 
Ron Sammons -1975 

Mr. BULGARIA: he was good and kept me laughing.  
John Creggett 

Ronald Toney -1987 

Definitely Jack Streicher! He was the best. Without his help, I wouldn't have graduated! 

Karen Bergin Speciale -1968 

Jack Streicher did care and got me through my HS years. I was lucky enough to have him as my division teacher for all 4 years! I can still hear him - Moron up in front. Though I was only called up once.  
Bonnie Rekett 

Miss Jung, Spanish. She was always supportive and tough. Thank you for that.

Jonnie Marie Piggott

Mr. Pasterski was my favorite teacher. He was my home room teacher. Mr. P took me aside my junior year and told me he was disappointed with my grades. Mr. P made a bet, "Get all B's and I will take you and your girlfriend to any restaurant in Chicago." Of course I did! Mr. P, I never collected.

Tony O'Brien

Mr. Blade, Hands down.

Philip M. Harris -1990

Mr. Pasterski was my favorite teacher. My home room teacher. Mr. P took me aside my junior year and told me he was disappointed with my grades. Mr. P made a bet, "get all B's and I will take you and your girlfriend to any restaurant in Chicago." Of course I did. Mr. P, I never collected.

Tony O'Brien

My favorite teacher was Ms. Brenda Harris, who was my track & field coach. My favorite homeroom teacher became Ms. Rickett when I landed in her homeroom by default, she pushed me to get over myself and graduate from high school! Oh, and almost all the male gym teachers, Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Maggorie, Mr. Blade, and Mr. Blakey, who told me if I didn't learn how to swim he was going to flunk me and I wasn't going to graduate, so swim I did. Class of 1980

Rowena Booker -1980

 I remember, Paul Hanko, RIP. He was a great art teacher and a good person.

Yvette Scott -1977

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