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The Senn Loyalty Song

The Senn Loyalty Song 

Hail to the Green! Hail to the White!

Hail to the school with honor bright. 

Cheer for her sons and daughters true, 

Cheer as we pledge out faith anew. 

Sing Alma Mater, dear old Senn, 

Sing as we praise her here again. 

Rah for the school that will Fight – Fight – Fight! 

Rah for Senn High School, The Green and the White! 

Hail to the Green! Hail to the White!

Hail to our fighting Bulldogs’ might.

Cheer as they hit them high and low; 

Cheer as down the field they go. 

Fight for a goal and a victory, 

Fight as we pledge our loyalty. 

Rah for the team that can fight, fight, fight.

Rah for Senn High School, the Green and the White! 

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Music for the Senn Loyalty Song provided by: Carl Green Music­Music/134896623278076?fref=ts

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