The *official Senn High School Alumni website representing all of the Senn Alumni.

Meet our volunteer committee staff members 

Our Mission

  • Reunite the Sennites of multiple class years and make new Senn friends forever.
  • Bring old school spirit back to the students of today and keep it alive
  • Raise awareness that Senn is the best.
  • Maintain pride and preservation of Senn. 
  • Ensure that Senn remains a vibrant landmark for the past, present and the future students. 
  • Mentor and instill pride of today's students

Our highly dedicated staff ensures the best out of each reunion & event that we host

Alumni Coordinator & Creator of Senn Friends Forever
Ron Kesselring - Class of 1982

Assistant Creator/Coordinator
Damaris Garcia - Class of 1981

and Retired Faculty 
Brenda Harris - Retired Senn PE Teacher, Dean of students.

Miguel Trujillo - Class of 1973

Cinematography & Pictures 
Mike Otake  - Class of 1983 

Assistant Planner& Security
Willie Harris - Class of 1989


Our Hard Working committee members

Carl Toy 
 - Class of 1983

Niki Hammer  - Class of 1999

Martha Lukonits  - Class of 1976

Mike Otake  - Class of 1983

Miriam Diaz Blumenthal  - Class of 1982

Paulina Hutchinson Kasuba  - Class of 1983

Deb Freeman  - Class of 1975

Bobbi Reed  - Class of 1981

RosaMarie Coley  - Class of 1983

*{If you would like to join our staff & help us maintain our mission please contact us}

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ABOVE: 2014 Staff
Niki Hammer - 99, Damaris Garcia - 81, Carl Toy - 83, Brenda Harris - retired faculty, Mike Otake - 83
Ron Kesselring and (not pictured - Miguel Trujillo)

ABOVE: Brenda Harris checks in the alumni and faculty at the 2014 picnic.

Carl Toy -83', Bobbi Reed -81', Mike Otake -83', Ron Kesselring - 82', Brenda Harris - Retired Teacher, Damaris Garcia - 81'


 Mike Otake -83', Damaris Garcia -81',  Ron Kesselring -82',  Bobbi Reed - 81', Martha Lukonits -76', Debbie Freeman -75', RosaMarie Coley -83' 


Mike Ross - 81', Damaris Garcia -81', Mike Otake -83', Bobbi Reed -81', Debbie Freeman -75', Martha Lukonits -76' (in mirror)

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