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Project Senn School Flags

Imagine bringing back our Senn Bulldog Pride by showing and waiving our colors!

Project Senn School Flags


At this time Senn Friends Forever and Nicholas Senn High School are working on your request for school flags. Many of you have offered to donate to this cause already. We are now asking for donations
for this worthy goal.



Our Suggested ideas

  1. Two to four interior school flags to be carried in and displayed by the ROTC/Honor Guard at assemblies and parades bearing our green and white school colors and perhaps our mascot, the bulldog.
  2. One exterior school flag to be hung under the American flag on the main campus flagpole also bearing our green and white school colors.
  3. The flags will be designed by the students of Senn's Fine Arts Department. The flags will be presented in the spring.  The date will be determined depending on donations and production.
  4. Submit it to us at: info@sennfriendsforever.org


Please make your donations here (below) using PayPal or by check if you wish.



NicholasSenn's Honor Guard - ROTC album on Photobucket

Or Make checks payable to: Senn Friends Forever
Mail to our treasure:
Brenda J Harris
C/o Senn Friends Forever 
P.O. Box 19226
Chicago, IL. 60619

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