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Senn Friends Forever is a volunteer, non profit organization dedicated to improving student achievements at Senn High School and reuniting the Sennites of multiple classes. All donations made to the organization  are used to subsidize our fund raising events for Senn High School, alumni activities and web site maintenance.  

Senn Friends Forever does not profit from any donations given to us. 


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I am pleased to announce that the Back in the Day Sock Hop Fund Raiser was a huge success. On April 11TH, 2011 on the schools web site you can see the official announcement at: Senn High schools Web site. <<<<{click} 


Senn Friends Forever brought in the following: ($5000.00 thanks to former teacher-coach Neil Codell & the Sterny Way Foundation), + ($7500.00 thanks to alumni Bud Cherry class of 1957’) + ($5500.00 thanks to our ticket sales, silent auction, raffle items and sales of ads in the ad-picture book that each alumni’s received that evening) + an additional $500.00 (that came directly from T shirt sales on the night of the event purchased by you the visiting alumni and friends) totaling up to $18,500.00.  


A movie was made of this event and can be seen on You Tube, (click on link): >> Senn Sock Hop and Pictures can also be seen online on Facebook by going to the Senn Friends Forever page. <<(click on link)  



Current Principal Susan Lofton acknowledges & thanks the Stearny Way along with former (teacher & supertendent) Neil Codell for the contribution of $5000 at the Back in the Day Sock Hop-Fund Raiser Dance held on March 12TH, 2011

 Advertisement banner hung on Clark Street winter 2011

 Advertisement banner hung on Ridge Ave. winter 2011 



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