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(Above - Left Senn's 1927 ROTC and Right: Senn's 2011 ROTC) 
This page is dedicated to the many classmates who have served our great nation,
Dedicated to those who have also paid the ultimate sacrifice
Dedicated to those that went and took the call of duty,
Dedicated to the Brave

*if you would like to add a name of a Sennite that has served and/or add a picture...

The pictures below are in no particular order of class year or military branch, 
but all equal in Dedication to our Country and Freedom around the world

 An Interview with
Courtney Shanken
Class of 1938

E5 Sgt. De La Cruz
US Army National Guard
Class of 2000

  Jose L. Salinas
Class: 2002

 Specialist E4 Marvin Jackson
U.S. Army Reserves
 Class 1988

SGT. Julio C Andrade Class of 1978

Alec Lifschultz Jr
US Marines

Master Sergeant  Manny Rosales
U.S. Army
Class of 1980

SgtElizabeth (Horn) Carver,
Class of 1986

Kevin Nii Lantei Balotelli Boatwains
mate US Navy

3rd Class Petty Officer Levi Bacerra
US Navy
Class of 1996

US Army
Class of 2000

Gy Sgt Victor J. Cornejo 
US Marines
Class of 1997

SSG Thomas W. Barnette Sr.
US Army
Class of 1988

Colonel Sandy Adams
US Air Force
Class of 1980

2nd. LT. Twin Brother's Courtney & Earl Shanken
US Air Force  
Class of 1938

     Paul Murray
      US Army
      Class of 1942

CM Sergeant Robert Carlson
US Air Force
Class of 1955

 Mike North                 
US ARMY                   
Class of 1971               

LTC (R) Terry Douglas
US Army
Class of 1983 as seen with Mayor Ralm

                   Sergeant Scott Doleman,
                             US ARMY
                        Class of 1976'

Staff Sergeant Gary Schock    
US Air Force           
Class of 1980          


Sergeant Tyrone Singleton
US Marines
Class of 1984

Nannetta Hall                     
US Air Force                      
Class of 1982                      


             Sergeant Michael Sinclair
                       US Army
                    Class of 1979

Samuel Vargas              
US Army                  
Class of 1978                

             Rick Lowy
               US Navy
           Class of 1967

David Schlange   
Class of 1967     

 Master Sergeant Sammy David Picazo
                     US Marines
                   Class of 1985

Sergeant Terry Kaufman
US Army      
Class of 1969    

Sergeant Angel Aviles
US Marines
Class of 2001

         CPL. Keith Shipp Jr.
             US Marines
           Class of 1997 

Captain Ray L. Vardon
US Air Force
Class of 1967

Thomas Brown                        
US Marines                         
Class of 1991                        

Bob Kell
US Navy
Class of 1971'


Sergeant Tyree Shannon - USMC - Class of 1997
Maurice Lee McWilliams Class of 1995' 

Scott Fields – US Air Force - Class of 1984'

Brian Birk - US Army - Class of 1984' 

Captain Darren Glover US Army - Class of 1983'

Specialist Tracy Schock - US Army - Class of 1981'

Felisa Parquet - US Navy - Class of 1981'

Jonathan Shukes - Class of 1980' 

Robbie Lusk - U.S. Army - Class of 79'
Sergeant - Darius Prewitt - Class of 1979’ 

Specialist - Lance D Tanner US Army - Class of 1979'

Roy Stamps - US Army 
Class of 1979’ 

Barney Lewis - Marines - Class of 1978’

Jerry Beals - US Army - Class of 1976'

John Robert Saunders - US Air Force, Air Guard, Coast Guard - Class of 1976'

Corporal - Vincente Huayamave Castro - Class of 1975’

Staff Sergeant Larry Bledsoe - US Army - Class of 1972'

Bob Kell - US Navy - Class of 1971'

Sergeant 1st Class - Garry Swedlund US Army - Class of 1971'

Seaman Apprentice E2 US NAVY Joe Little Class of 1971'

Carl Williams - Marines - Class of 1969'

Specialist - Terry Friedlander - US Army - Class of 1969 

Gene Ziemba - US Army - Class of 1968'

Senior Chief - Ed Halikman - Class of 1968'

Jim Cartwright - US Navy - Class of 1966'

James Massey - US Air Force - Class of 1966'

David Bingham - US Air Force - Class of 1966'

Frank Kober - US Army - Class of 1966'

Alice Frapolli 
- US Army & Reserves - Class of 1966' 

Butch Espy - US Army - Class of 1965'
James DesRochers - US Army - Class of 1965'

Barry Rappoport - Class of 1963'

Fred J Archer - US Navy - Class of 1961’

George Coneset - Marines - Class of 1961’

David Garfield - US Navy Class of 1956'

Sergeant - George Johannes Marines - Class of 1950'

John Butterfield - US Navy - Class of 1952’

Robert L Williams US Navy - Class of 1949'

Sid Fischburg - US Army - Class of 1947’

Marty Daneman - US Army - Class of 1943’

Paul Murray - US Navy - Class of 1942'

Ralph Waters - US Army - Class of 1942'

 Lieutenant Charles Berman - US Navy - Class of 1940' 

Bert Kay - US Army - Class of 1939'

Marilyn Boyd - US Navy - Class of 1938’

Whitney M Bray 
- Class of 1938’

Harry Lee Boyd Jr. Marines - Class of 1936’

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