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♥ Senn ♥ Sweethearts ♥

These special individuals all found “Love at Senn”.  
They are all married now and met their spouse and started dating back at Senn!  

Did you marry your sweetheart from Senn?

*If you are an alumnus that dated your sweetheart from Senn, and/or married a fellow Sennite,
Please send in and post your pictures
(both then and now), and include your class year!

send to:

Alexandra  Mary and Georgi Franco 
Class of 2007

Gary Walters class of 1982 & Cordelia P-Walters class of 1984

Pauline Younan- Malko 1988 and Lazar Malko 1987

Diana Puebla de Rodriguez 1991 and 1992 EARLY DAYS

Diana Puebla de Rodriguez 1991 and 1992

Gina Ray and Mike Juron  class of 81 and 78

Marc Lieberman and the former Ann Auerbach 1958 and 1961

Tamikca Renee Reed and Damien Reed CLASS OF 1996

Barbara "Dixon" Wuest Class of '69 and Kurt Wuest
met in sophomore in their US History class. Married in 1973

  Mr. and Mrs. Cartwright-- Michael Cartwright class of 1995 and Mewsette Rios class of 1996. "We met in Mr. Pera Pre-Algebra class and we got married in 1998. We are going strong and happy with 3 Red headed teenagers"!

Rose Pardo and Lou Nathan 1950 and 1953.
Their daughter Deb "Nathan" Freeman also went to Senn, class of 1975.

Eric Nguyen class of 1997

Abram and  Karen Cervantes‎ class of 1996

Shyla Samel  and  Richard Kurnick  
Class of 1976 

          Shyla Samel  and  Richard Kurnick  
                             Class of 1976 

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