Senn Friends Forever Alumni

Our Mission

  • Reunite the Sennites of multiple class years and make new Senn friends forever.
  • Bring old school spirit back to the students of today and keep it alive
  • Raise awareness that Senn is the best.
  • Maintain pride and preservation of Senn. 
  • Ensure that Senn remains a vibrant landmark for the past, present and the future students. 
  • Mentor and instill pride of today's students

Welcome Senn Alumni 

Senn High School today...

Generations of Bulldogs

Who we are?
We are generations of Senn High School alumni. We are mothers, fathers and parents. We are single, married and divorced. We are also doctors, lawyers, bankers, teachers, construction workers, politicians, musicians, cab drivers, soldiers and much more... 
for not only does the spirit of Dr. Nicholas Senn remain alive and vibrant,
but the "Spirit of the Bulldog lives on through each and every alumnus and we remain...
Senn Friends Forever

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Will you Survive the
Bulldog Mash Fundraiser 
7th Heaven
on October 22nd, 2016?

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